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Online Purchase

Remoti Unit + 24 Month Subscription : £95.00 (ex V.A.T) + P&P

  • A unit with 2 year guarantee coving a like-for-like replacement in case of design fault.
  • All unit transmission costs included (no hidden cost for unit communication)
  • Full and unlimited access to the Remoti on-line web portal
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Unlimited number of free e-mail alerts
  • After 24 months the subscription per unit is £2.00 per month (2021 price, ex V.A.T)
Placing your order: For orders of 15 units or less, please purchase online through PayPal.
For larger quantities or for those requiring a purchase order, please contact us directly for a quotation.

Purchases in the UK (inc VAT)

Purchases outside UK (No VAT)

What happens next? After purchase we ship your units which you can assign to your Remoti account. Register Here


Benefits :
  • Save Money. Save time and money by only visiting sites and units that require attention.

  • No Restrictions Create as many reports and alarms as you wish with full and unrestricted access to entire web-service.

  • Flexible. Move units around as you wish. As each communicates independently through any mobile network that is available.

  • Robust. Units have been extensively field trialled in real world situations.

  • Easy Set-Up. Remoti units work out of the box and no central "bay-station" setup is required.

  • Support. Office hours access to technical support and advice.

  • Coverage & SIMs :

    Our units use smart mobile technology to attach to any mobile data network that is available - all at no extra cost. And because our units are specifically designed with remote monitoring in mind, they can work even when your traditional mobile phone doesn't!

    Plus there is no actual 'SIM Card' in our units - meaning the risk and impact of theft is significantly reduced, while reliability is increased.

    Purchase Costs :

    There is a capital cost for purchase of the units, and an ongoing low monthly fee which covers all network charges and access to the entire web service. There are no hidden extras or mobile data charges.

    Global reach :

    Our units have been designed to work globally. If you want to check the coverage in your area, please get in touch.

    Contract :

    You can choose when to activate each units contact through the Remoti online portal. There is a minimum 12 month contract within which time you can choose to 'suspend' the unit - saving you money when the unit is not in use!

    After 12 months the unit will be placed on a one month rolling contract. At the end of each month you have complete control over the unit contract with the ability to suspend units (to save money when not in use) or terminate the contract completely.

    Terminated units can subsequently be restarted on a 12 month initial contract

    Are SMS Texts Included?

    No. While unlimited email messages are free, SMS text message alerts incure an additional cost. These are paid for via the Remoti Credit system - which also pays for ongoing unit contract costs.

    Full details of global SMS pricing can be found here

    What Are Remoti Credits?

    Remoti Credits are used to activate a unit, maintain a unit's contract after the initial 12 month period and pay for SMS messages. Each Remoti unit comes with sufficient free credits to cover the 24 months service subscription - these are added to your account when you register a unit.

    After the initial 12 months credits are used to maintain an ongoing monthly contract. In a Zone 1 country, 1 credit = 1 month ongoing contract, in a Zone 2, 2 credits = 1 month ongoing contract.

    A single credit currently costs £2.00 (ex VAT)

    You can find out which Zone you are in here

    What if I don't want to continually use a unit? Can I save money?


    The minimum initial contract period for each unit is 12 months from the moment the unit is connected (activated) to the mobile network. This you can do at anytime you choose from the Remoti Portal with units usually taking only a few minutes to activate. When you choose to activate a unit, credits equating to the 12 month contract will be deducted from your account.

    However, within the initial 12 month period, while you are unable to terminate a unit from the network, you can choose in this time to "suspend" a unit. This will mean the unit can no longer connect to the Remoti System, but a suspended unit will only incure a cost of 0.5 credits a month.

    When a unit is suspended within the initial 12 month contract period - credits will be reimbursed to your Remoti account based on the remaining contract time.

    Are there limits on the number of users?

    No. Each Remoti account is able to have an unlimited number of users.
    Please contact us for more information »